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1,open one's heart   敞开心扉,吐露心事
-After going around worrying Mary opened her heart to her mother
2,out in left field  答非所问
-Johnny tried to answer the teacher's question but he was out in left field
3,out of line   反常的,没有规矩
-Little Mary got out of line and was rude to antilizbath Aunt Elizabeth
4,out of one's element 不得其所,格格不入
-Wild animals are out of their element in cages
5,out of one's hair   摆脱令人讨厌,心烦的人或东西
-Herry got the boys out of his hair so he could study
6,out of thoughts sorts  ??痛快,脾气很坏的
-Mary was out of thoughts sorts and wouldn't say good morning
-Bob was out of thoughts sorts because he didn't get a bicycle for his birthday
7,out of step  步调不一致,不协调,不合拍
-He has frequently been out of step with society because of his radical opinions
8,out of the blue   出乎意料之外的,意想不到的
-At the last minute Johnny came out of the blue to catch the pass(接过传球) and score touchdown
9,out of tune   不一致,不协调
-What Jack said was out of tune with how he looked, he said he was happy but he looked unhappy
10,own up    承认过错,承认罪行,坦白承认
-When Mr. Johns asked who broke the window, Johnny owned up
11,pass away   不再存在,中止,消失,灭亡
-When automobiles became popular the use of horse and buggy( 四轮马车) passed away
12,pay through the nose       出高价,付出太大的代价
-He had wanted experience but this job seemed like paying through the nose for it
-there was a shortage of cars ,if you found one for sale(待售) you had to pay through the nose
13,pick on   经常的招惹或打扰某人,与某人为难,责骂
-Other boys picked on him until he decided to fight them
-            挑选,选择,选中
-He visited a lot of colleges and finally picked on Stanford
14,pick out    选择
-It took Mary a long time to pick out a new dress at the store
-We could pick out different places in the city from the airplane
15,play ball   与他人合作,合作
-It is often a good business to play ball with a political machine(政界核心人物)
16,play down       不重视,使什么看起来无关紧要,分散注意力
-The newspaper stories play down the actor's unattracted unattractive past
17,play on   对什么产生影响,影响
-I have it die at a heavy diet of television drama played on his feelings
18,play up   ,提醒什么注意,反复强调,强调
-The coach played up the possibilities and kept her minds off our weaknesses
19,play with fire   给自己招来危险,冒险
-leaving your door unlocked in New York City is playing with fire
20,point up     清楚的表明,强调
-The increase in crime points up the needs for greater police protection
21,pluck up        鼓起勇气
-He pluck up courage when he saw a glimmer of hope (一线希望)
-He plucked up when his mother recovered
22,pull pour out     倾诉,全都讲出来
-Mary pulled poured out her trouble to her Pale pal(<>好朋友, 伙伴, 同志)
-The people pulled poured out of the building when they heard the fire alarm
23,pull one's weight   尽心尽力,克尽职守
-In a small shop it is important that each employee pull his weight
24,pull over    把车停靠在路边
-The police man told the speeder to pull over
25,pull through   拉一把,帮助渡过难关,挽救
-A generous loan showed the banks bank's faith in Father and pulled him through the business trouble
-By a near miracle(几乎是奇迹) he pulled through after the smashia smashup(撞车事故)
26,put across   解释清楚,让人明白,交流
-He knew how to put his ideas across
27,put down    镇压,制止
-The armed uprising was finally put down
-She had patiently put down unkind talk by living a good life   过上好日子,她就不再说别人的坏话了
28,put one's foot in it          应无意说了不得体的话,惹了麻烦
-She put her foot in her mouth with her joke about that church not knowing that one of the gas guest belone to it
1,put up to  说服,让去做,唆使...去做
-boat boys put up to painting the statch who read on hollow win
 older boys put us up to painting the statue(雕像) red on Halloween(万圣节)
2,put wise        告诉某人事实真相,使之比他人有优势或使之对危险从容应付
-The new boy did not know that Jim was playing a trick on him, so I put him wise
-someone put the police wise to the plan of bank robbers and when the robbers went into the bank the police were waiting to catch them
3,rack one's brain     绞尽脑汁,力求记起
-Bob racked his brain trying to remember where he left the book
4,rain cats and dogs        倾盆大雨
-In the middle of the picnic it started to rain cats and dogs
5,raise eye braws eyebrows   使人们震惊,引起惊讶或不赞同
-The news that the princess was engaged to a commoner(平民) raised eye braws all over the kingdom
6,read between the lines          从字里行间看出作者隐含的意思
-Some kinds of poem make you read between the lines
-A clever foreign correspondent(国外报道者) can often avoid censorship by careful wording ,leaving the audience to read between the lines
7,ride out       安全的活下来,忍耐
-The captain ordered all sales load all sails lowered (命令落下所有的风帆)so the ship could ride out the storm
8,rab rub off     被去掉,擦掉
-The teacher rabs rubs the problem of the truck board chalkboard
-don't touch that chalker charcoal(木炭画) it will rub off
9,run down   追捕,追获,追查出
-The hunter run down a stack stag( 成年牡鹿,尤指赤牡鹿)
-Suzy ran down the club because the girls wouldn't let her join
10,run into something or somebody   偶然遇到,遇见
-The ship run into a strong gail gale(大风) at sea
11,run off    印刷,复印
-The print shop ran off a thousand copies of the newspaper
12,run over     浏览,匆匆复习
-He felt the glance of the stranger running over him from hit head to toe
13,run up       积欠( to cause oneself to have bills or debts)
-Karl ran up a big bill at the bookstore         卡尔在图书店积欠了一大笔帐
-Joe ran up a custom costume(宴会穿的服装) for the party on her sewing machine
14,run wild       控制不住,失去控制
-The violerts violets(紫罗兰) are running wild in the flower bed(花圃)
-The new supervisor lets the children run wild
15,save face     维护名声,挽回面子
-The corner ? Who lost the battle saved face by showing his order from the general
16,save the day    扭转局面,尤其是当有可能失败时
-The forest fire was nearly out of control when suddenly it rained heavily and saved the day
-The team was behind but at the last minute Sam saved the day with a touchdown
17,say the word     把愿望或意愿说出来或表示出来
-Just say the word and I will lend you the money
18,scratch one's back     帮某人做些好事或奉承他,以求对方反过来也帮自己
-Mary asked Jim to introduce her to her brother, Jim said you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours
19,search one's heart     反省
-The teacher searched his heart trying to decide if he had been unfair in failing Tom
20,second thought     深思熟虑后改变主意或想法
-Your second thoughts are very often wiser than your first ideas
-We decided to climb the mountain but on second thought realized it was too dangerous
21,see about   调查,查询,负责料理
-If you are busy I'll see about the train tickets
22,see eye to eye        完全同意
-Mother did not see eye to eye with father on where we would go for a our vacation
-though we did not usually agree we saw eye to eye in the matter of reducing taxes
23,see red         大怒,大发雷霆
-Whenever anyone teased John about his way weight he saw red
24,see the light     突然明白或同意,接受别人的解释或决定
-I did not approve of his action but he explain his reason and then I saw the light
25,serve one right       罪有应得,活该
-He failed his exam it served him right because he had not studied
1,set about        开始,着手进行
-Benjamin Franklin set about learning the printer's trade at an early age
2,set back     延期,耽搁,使什么落后于预定计划,放慢速度,防碍
-The cold weather set back the planting by two weeks
3,set forth     明确的解释
-The President set forth his plan in a television talk
-They set forth early this morning
4,set one's heart on        非常渴望,非常希望能在某方面成功
-He had his heart set on winning the race
5,settle down       定居,过安定的生活
-He hoped to settle down in this country
6,shoe on the other foot    情况正好相反,倒了各个
-He was my captain in the army but now the shoe is on the other foot
7,show one's colors   显出某人的真面目
-We thought Toby was timid but he showed his colors when he rescued the pouny ponies(小马) from the burning bar barn(马房)
8,show the door   叫某人走开
-Rose was upset in upsetting the other children 把其他孩子搞的不高兴 so I showed her the door
9,side with    赞同,支持
-Adam always sides with Johnny in an argument
10,sit by       留在旁边,照料
-The nurse was told to sit by the patient until he woke up
-Don't just sit idly by while the other children are all busy
11,skin and bones   瘦的皮包骨头的人或动物
-Have you been dieting, you are nothing but skin and bones
12,slip of the tone  tongue   说漏嘴,口误
-No one would have known our plans if Mary hadn't made a slip of the tone tongue
13,slip up        出差错
-someone of the bank slipped up, there are only forty eight pennies in this fifty cent roll of coins
14,smooth over        改善,缓和,掩饰
-Bill tried to smooth over his argument with Kate by making her laugh
15,snap at      厉声叱责
-don't try to be friendly to him, you are only be snapped at
16,snap up     急于拿取或接受
-Eggs were on sale cheap and shopper snapped up the bargain
-Mr. Hayes told Bob that he would take him skiing and Bob snap up the offer
17,so far so good    到目前为止,一切进展顺利
-So far so good, I hope we keep on with such good luck
18,speak for   为某人辩护,说好话,为某人说情,支持
-At the meeting John spoke for the changing change in the rules
-The teacher was given away(送,分发) some books ,Fred and Charlie spoke for the same one
19,stem stamp out   彻底清除,消灭
-the police and Judges are trying to stem stamp out crime
20,stand by    袖手旁观
-you can't stand by and allow such a thing
-He is the sort of friend who will stand by you through sick and thin (患难与共)
21,stand for   代替,代表,意味着
-Our flag stands for our country
-The teacher will not stand for fooling(胡闹) in the classroom
22,stand out     醒目,突出
-The church tower stood out clearly against the sky
-John stood out as a track star   (Track and field.径赛和田赛)
23,stand over    密切注意,严密监视,时刻监督检查
-Ted's mother has to stand over him to get in to do his homework
-The committee decided to let the proposal stand over until its next meeting
24,stand to reason     合乎情理,在情理之中
-If you have a driver's license it stands to reason you can drive
-John is intelligent and studies hard; it stands to reason that he will pass the examination
25,stand up        经久耐用
-A rocket must be built strongly to stand up under the blast off(点火起飞)
26,stand up to      勇敢的面对,坚决反抗
-A soldier mush stand up to danger
27,start in     着手做某事,开始
-Fred started in weeding the garden             weed 除草v, 野草n
28,stear steer clear off       躲开,远离       steer :驾驶,掌舵
-Fred was angry of Bill, and Bill was stealing steering clear off him
29,step down   逐渐减速
-The train was approaching the station so the engineer stepped it down
30,step up 加快速度,或使什么更加活跃
-When John found he was going to be late he stepped up his pace
-This year Mary is a secretary of the club but I am sure she will step up to president next year
1,stick one's neck out    做危险或冒险的事
-When I was in trouble, Paul was the only one who will stick his neck out to help me
2,stir up   努力促成,煽动,引起
-Bob stirred up a fight between Tom and Bill
3,strike out       由于自己的错误,而被取消
-Vinous act one of the part but he struck out of the audition
4,swear off  发誓放弃
-Mary swore off candy until she lost ten ponds
5,swet sweat out   焦急等待
-Karl was swetting sweating out the results of the cologic college exams
-The search play in signal that help us on the way the men in the life boat just had to sweat it out
 The search plane signaled that help was on the way the men in the lifeboat just had to sweat it out
6,take after   与什么相象
-Temperamentally(在脾气上) The child takes after her mother
-He takes after his father in Mathematical ability
7,take back         收回或否认原来曾答应过说过的事,承认说错
-I take back my offer to buy the house, now that I've had a good look at it
8,take effect        达到意想不到的效果或预期的效果,生效
-It was nearly an hour before the sleeping pill took effect
9,take heart      受到鼓励,跃跃欲试
-The men took heart from the leader's words and went on to win the battle
10,take it out on       迁怒于某人,拿某人出气
-The teacher was angry and took it out on the class
11,take place        发生
-The accident took place only a block from his home 
12,take turns       轮流做某事
-In class we should not talk all at the same time we should take turns
13,talk back        回嘴,顶嘴,反驳
-His parents taught him never to talk back to his elders
-When the teacher told the boy to sit down ,he talked back to her and said that she couldn't make in make him (强迫他)
14,talk down        高声压过别人,长时间说话,不给别人说话机会
-Sue tried to give her ideas but the other girls talked her down
15,talk over        商谈,商谈,讨论
-Tom talked his planner plan(连读) over with his father before he bought the car
-Fred is trying to talk Bill over to our side
16,tell it like it was          诚实,真诚,说实话
-John is the leader of our commune(社区) he tells it like it was
17,tell off     生气或厉声的说,批评,责骂
-Mr Black got angry and told off the boss
18,tell on    把别人的错误或调皮行为报告给某人
-Andy hit a little girl and John told the teacher on Andy
19,think over    仔细考虑
-We should always use our brains and think everything over carefully
20,think twice   三思,反复考虑.犹豫
-The teacher advice Lou to think twice before deciding to quit school
21,think up     发现,有新想法
-Mary thought up a funny game for the children to play
22,through the mill(磨坊)        经历过生活的磨难
-He won't be surprised by anything on the new job; he’s been through the mill
23,throw off      摆脱
-He was healthy enough to throw off his cold easily
24,throw off one's hands        放弃努力,承认自己无法成功
-Mrs. Johns throw threw off her hands when the children messed up the living room for the third time
25,to and from    前后来回的
-Mother pushed Judy in the swin swing(秋千) and she went to and from
26,to order        按订单上要求
-The manufacturer build the machine to order
-A very big man often has his suits made to order
27,to the full       非常,充分的
-The campers enjoyed their trip to the full
28,to the letter       一丝不苟的,完完全全的,确切的
-He carried out his orders to the letter
29,to the wall   陷入绝境,走投无路
-John's failing the last test drove him to the wall
30,top off     出人意料的结束,达到高潮
-John bat用球棒击球 it three runs and topped off the game with the home run []本垒打
31,turn it a(连读) deaf ear to     佯装没有听见,对什么装聋做哑,不重视
-Mary turned a deaf ear to Louis’s asking to rid to her bicycle
32,turn one's stomach        恶心,倒胃
-The smell of that cigar was enough to turn your stomach
1,turn the tables   事与愿违
-The boys turn the tables on John when they took his school away and scored him 
                                  When they took his squirt gun away and squirted him
2,turn up one's nose at        瞧不上
-He thinks he should get only stake and he turns up his nose at henbergger hamburger
3,under a cloud       受到怀疑的,不受信任的
-Jois has been under a cloud since her roommates Brisler disappeared
-Joe has been under a cloud since his dog died
4,under cover   隐藏
-The prisoner has escaped under cover of darkness
5,under one's breath    小声的,低声的
-The teacher heard the boy say something under his breath and she asked him to repeat it aloud
6,under one's own steam    靠自己,独立的
-The boys got to Boston under their own steam and took a bus the rest of the way
7,under one's thumb     听命于他人,受制于他人,在某人的权利下
-The John's family is under the thumb of the mother
8,up against        受到阻绕,受到威胁
-When she applied to medical school the black woman wondered whether she was up against the barrier of sex and race prejudice
9,use up         全部用光,花光,消耗光
-Don't use up all the soap, leave me some to wash with
10,very well        同意,好吧
-Very well, I will do as you say 
11,void of        空的,没有,缺乏
-That part of the town is completely void of entrance for visitors
12,voice box    声带
-Mr. Smith's voice box was taken out in an operation and he could not talk after that
13,vote down     投票否决
-congress voted the bill down
14,walk away with     拿走,带走,常常指偷走,顺手拿走
-When father went to work he accidentally walk away with mother's umbrella
15,walk on air        感到快活激动
-Mary has been walking on air since she won the price prize
-His father's compliment left Jack walking on air
16,walk out         举行罢工
-When company would not give them higher pay, the workers walked out
17,water down          使变弱,削弱,冲淡
-The sanater senator argued that the house House should water down the bill before passing it
-American blacks will not tolerate watered down civil rights legislation
18,weight one's word       斟酌词句,推敲词句
-When the teacher talks about religion he must weight his words because his peoples may be of several different faiths
19,while away       愉快的渡过,消磨或渡过
-We whiled away the time that we were waiting by watching TV
20,with open arms     热情的,高兴的,热烈的,热切的
-When grandmother came to visit us at Christmas we welcome to her with open arms
-After his pioneering flight in the friendship seven ,Col(上校) John Glen was was welcomed with open arms by the people of his hometown
21,with the best       向其他人一样好,不亚于他人
-Bob could horse back right horseback ride with the best of them but he never boasted about it
-John can bow bowl(打保龄球) with the best of them
22,work up       激起,引起,激发
-I can't work up any interest in this book
23,write off    注销一笔帐务,勾销,承担损失
-If a customer dies when he owes the store money ,the store must often write it off